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Welcome!   This website is dedicated to antique phonographs made by The Victor Talking Machine Company from 1901 through 1929. It contains detailed information about the various models that were produced by Victor, along with rarity, design features, technical information, valuation, etc. This site is for beginners and seasoned collectors alike. If you are just getting started and want to learn about these machines, or are looking for some basic information about your Victor or Victrola, please click on the "Getting Started" link below and read though the brief material. It will assist you in navigating around this website. Once familiar with the layout, feel free to investigate all aspects of these early phonographs.

This site covers only Victor Talking Machine Co. brand phonographs. There were many other makes of phonographs produced in the early years of this century, including Edison, Sonora, Columbia, and hundreds of others.  If you desire information on other brands of phonographs, please visit the "RESOURCES" section (below). Please note that post-1930 RCA-Victor branded products are also not covered here, as they were produced after the RCA Corporation bought Victor Talking Machine Company.

In addition, we do not have information on any modern Victrola-branded products (which play LP vinyl records), which are currently available from a number of retail outlets.

The Victor Victrola Database                                                                                              
For years, we have maintained a large database of Victor and Victrola machines that are found at auctions and shows, as well as from listings on Ebay and elsewhere. Additionally, we augment this database with information that individuals send to us via this website. This data is used to help determine when models changed, survival rates, design details, etc., and supports research with other collectors. If you own a Victor or Victrola, and would like to help this site by contributing to the "knowledge database", please click here.  Thanks!



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