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Capehart Phonographs

We are now buying and restoring 1930's and 1940's CAPEHART home consoles and commerical ("jukebox") phonographs. These large, imposing machines were intended for sale to wealthy customers who wanted the very best in sound reproduction at the time. The cabinets are highly detailed with premium veneers, and sophisticated "flip-over" changers and electronics were often used. Proper repair and restoration of these monsters is a major effort and can be quite costly, but the result is an incredible show-piece that provides great entertainment and will be the center of attention in any room.


Capehart produced radios, phonographs and televisions well into the 1970's; please note that our interest is limited ONLY to pre-1949 models with highly ornate cabinets. If you have one of these available for sale, working or not, we are paying CASH and will handle all transportation matters with no hassles. If you are interested in a purchase or complete restoration, please contact us for additional information.

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For a brief oversight on some of the CAPEHART phonograph product lines, please click here.  

A great book detailing most of the Capehart machines can be purchased at the Mullholland Press Website. Click here.

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