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WELCOME! This series of introduction pages will give the reader an overview of early Victor and Victrola Phonographs, and should answer many of the most common questions. Please be aware that we receive over 180 emails per day and we are happy to respond when possible, but time does not permit us to respond to questions when the answers are readily found on this website. In other words, if you haven't read-through the basic information on this site, we are not going to repeat what is already here and send it back to you in response to an email. This a massive website, consisting of many hundreds of pages, and it is our sincere hope that readers can easily find the information they want by navigating the site via the instructions we have provided. Just follow the links below!


Important! If you are searching for something that will play:

then we regret to inform you that this website will be of no help.  This site is focused only on wind-up and early electric Victor and Victrola-branded phonographs made between 1901 and 1929.


Before we get going.....


If you are totally new to the subject of "Old Record Players" or "Victrolas", please click here for an general overview: 

Basic Introduction to Antique Phonographs


If you are interested only in records, please click here:

About Records


So now, we will start the introduction process by stepping through 5 sections:

So let's get started...         


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