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Links, Parts, Repair and Restoration Resources

The most common questions posed to this website (besides asking for free appraisals) relate to buying parts, repair and restoration of Victor or Victrola phonographs.

Repair usually refers to the process of getting an old Victrola to play records, e.g. fixing the motor, soundbox or other mechanical components. Restoration refers to the process of refurbishing the worn or damaged wood finish.

Layout  What Are All Those Knobs For?

All About Needles  Different Types of Needles. When to Replace Them. Etc.

Original Victrola Owner's Manual   How to Operate and Perform Minor Service Tasks

Basic Restoration Tips   For Beginners Looking to Repair or Restore a Phonograph

Repair  Basic Information on Repairing a Victor Phonograph Including Motor, Soundbox, etc.

Refinishing and Restoration  How to Restore an Old Finish  Refinishing techniques. Cleaning. Etc.

Sources for Parts and Mechanical Repair  Resources for buying Victor parts  Needles.  New Springs. Mechanical Repair Services.  Etc.

Links and Reference Material  Where to find more information. Information on Non-Victor Phonographs. Books and Literature.  

Our Services   Information on our Victor-Victrola Appraisal/Restoration Services