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We are currently offering a very limited number of exceptional machines for sale.
The descriptions are accurate and the condition grading is very conservative. We stand behind what we sell. Spring-wound machines are guaranteed to operate properly for two full years. That even includes accidental damage (e.g. the grandkids overwind it or if Fido chews on the soundbox). Nobody else comes close to this level of warranty coverage. 

The focus is on absolutely historically accurate, ready-to-go phonographs for those who want a great value in an exceptional antique phonograph. We don't sell low-end, common machines that you can find at the local flea market.  This offering consists of a small number of 'upscale' Victor and Victrola machines, in exceptional condition, for those who share our love for historical accuracy and the original beauty of these machines.

While others may push glitzy-looking restorations that are incorrect in both finish materials and repair processes, we choose to focus on historically correct original and properly-restored machines, right down to the correct nuts, bolts and washers. And we never sell poor, mediocre, replica, pieced-together or incorrect machines. Period.

Yes, you can certainly buy a Victor or Victrola at a lower price from EBay, Craigslist or from your neighborhood consignment store. However, consider the following:

We are dismayed at what is frequently sold via online auction or by some antique dealers as "100% original" or "historically correct". These are often phonographs with incorrect parts, swapped dataplates, and/or poorly restored components. This behavior compromises the integrity of this hobby; it propagates anunethical intent toward the phonograph-collecting community.  Our policy of maintaining respect for the buyer and the historical importance of these machines assures that you are getting a correct and accurately represented Victor or Victrola which will provide years of reliable service.

WARNING: Online hackers have created fake Victor-Victrola websites, phone numbers, Facebook pages and other listings. This is the only valid website representing, and we can only be contacted via our secure email shown below.  We NEVER ask for personal information, credit cards or bank account numbers via online forms. Do not be scammed!

PLEASE NOTE: We frequently receive order requests from customers wanting to play LP or 45 RPM records on these antique machines. Please be aware that Victors and Victrolas will only play shellac (not vinyl) 78 RPM records. They can not be used or adapted to play records, tapes, CD's or media of any type produced after the 1930's. We provide a good sample of age-appropriate records with every order.

Please direct any questions to us at

Our Sales and Operation Philosophy:

* Note: Round-trip shipping coverage applies only to phonographs delivered within the USA. Full warranty coverage is honored for international customers, but shipping costs must be paid by the customer.

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