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Appraisals, Repairs and Parts is an online information and research resource, and will continue to grow in content and accuracy. Our primary purpose is to support this fantastic hobby.



Appraisals for Victor and Victrola machines ONLY. For a nominal fee, clients will receive a written valuation estimate and detailed information on the history, build date and rarity of their phonograph, along with an estimate of how many have survived.


Phonograph Sales

A Small Selection of Premium Machines For Sale

Please note that Victor-Victrola is an informational and research organization only. We are not a parts, repair or restoration service. But we do have some solid recommendations:

Parts and Supplies

 Click this link for a complete list of recommended suppliers of parts/needles/cabinets




Repairs and Mechanical Work 

 Is your Victor motor noisy or sluggish? Is the sound distorted? Need some mechanical work? Here are some places who can help you out.