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Appraisal Services


In conjunction with noted phonograph author Robert Baumbach, we are providing premium appraisal services for all Victor and Victrola products.

The increasing amount of traffic to this site has resulted in waves of emails requesting value information and repair instructions. The volume of requests far exceeds our available time to answer. While we have attempted to provide a great deal of information on this website, it is impossible to summarize all of our database information, factory catalogs, and documented records of recent sales into a reasonably-sized and usable web resource. Therefore, as a service to hobbyists and for those interested in the historical details and accurate valuation of their machine, we offer paid online appraisals for Victor and Victrola products. It is our expectation that only a small fraction of site visitors will actually pay for an appraisal. However, for those who desire an accurate market-based appraisal of their Victor Phonograph, it is our position that it should be as comprehensive as possible.

There are many other online resources available for appraisals. Some phonograph repair and/or "blog" websites are operated by collectors searching for rare machines. If you have a rare phonograph, they will be ready to cut you an offer right away...and you can be sure that their "appraisal" valuation will reflect what they want to pay. Broad-based "value-range" estimates presented on other websites are simply general summaries, usually formed by a group consensus, and will not take into account the condition of your machine, nor will they consider any special features or finishes. Other online appraisal services cover many types of antiques, which may include pianos, radios, organs and other musical instruments, meaning they probably don't have comprehensive information on Victor products.

There is often a great deal of variance in the value of a particular Victor or Victrola model. For example, the most common Victrola model, the "VV-XI", normally sells in the range of $100-$150 at most auctions in average "attic-stored" condition. However, we recently witnessed a beautiful original early production floor model VV-XI in Golden Polished Oak sell for well over $800. That's quite a variance above the average price, and oak isn't that rare! The sale price was driven by its superb condition and an especially elegant figured veneer. Truly rare finishes would command even more money. Condition, finish, rarity, and originality all are critical factors in determining value. Anyone who gives you an "shotgun appraisal" for a phonograph based on a brief written description and 30 seconds of their time can't provide a meaningful estimate of true market value.

We provide you with current valuation and comprehensive historical information (e.g. production date, rarity, and the estimated number of surviving examples) for your particular Victor phonograph. See our Sample Appraisal for an example. This information far exceeds what is provided with any other online phonograph appraisal. Value is determined based on documented sales (NOT "asking prices" or "educated guesses") from all available sources such as EBay, Proxibid, estate sales, public auctions, etc. It is presented within a calculated statistical range to give information on the variance of typical selling prices for your machine considering condition, finish and special features.

Our appraisal service is straightforward and unique:

Click here for a typical Sample Appraisal, which usually consists of 2 pages of content printed on high-quality bond paper.


Cost of an Appraisal is $19.95, which includes return postage.



TO SUBMIT AN APPRAISAL: Send an email to me at with the following information clearly stated:

Please note: if we determine that your Victor or Victrola has a median appraised value less than $100.00 in the current market, we will advise and allow you the opportunity to cancel the order and request a full refund


When the appraisal request email is complete, send to us at, and submit payment per the instructions below:



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Contact us at: if you prefer to pay by surface mail.


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Victrola Appraisal $19.95

  Please allow 2-3 weeks for a return-mail response. Unless otherwise requested, all appraisals will be returned via USPS First Class Mail.