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Recommended Repair Services

The following sources are highly recommended for repairs on Victor/Victrola motors, soundboxes and other mechanical systems:

George Vollema

Great Lakes Antique Phonograph

9496 N. Woodbridge Ave

Bitely Michigan 49309

(231) 745-7175



George is a fantastic resource for all kinds of Victrola parts, cabinets, etc...and he does first-class repairs. His inventory and expertise are second to none.


David Dazer

Port Huron, Michigan

(810) 990-4185   

David has been providing excellent repairs on Victor and Edison machines since 1975. He has a fully-equipped shop and is an active collector as well.


Brett Hurt

Greenville, South Carolina

(864) 236-1680


Brett has been restoring and repairing phonographs internationally since 1985. He has a complete machine shop and has been collecting for over 40 years.

Kristen Braun

Western Michigan Phonograph

Ravenna, Michigan


Kris has been shadowing her father, George Vollema, for over 5 years, and has now set-out on her own to provide premiere repair services on motors and soundboxes. Her team does outstanding work at very reasonable prices.





John Nagy

Antique Phonograph Repairs

8160 New Liberty Road

Walcott, IA  52773

John has been making high-quality repairs for nearly 50 years.






In Canada (service also available for USA shipments):


Brian Nix

The Gramophone Doctor

709 Amesbury Court   

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

N7V 2P9

(519) 466-2169




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