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Recommended Repair Services

The following sources are highly recommended for repairs on Victor/Victrola motors, soundboxes and other mechanical systems:

George Vollema

Great Lakes Antique Phonograph

9496 N. Woodbridge Ave

Bitely Michigan 49309

(231) 745-7175



George is a fantastic resource for all kinds of Victrola parts, cabinets, etc...and he does first-class repairs. His inventory and expertise are second to none.


David Dazer

Port Huron, Michigan

(810) 990-4185   

David has been providing excellent repairs on Victor and Edison machines since 1975. He has a fully-equipped shop and is an active collector as well.


Brett Hurt

Greenville, South Carolina

(864) 236-1680


Brett has been restoring and repairing phonographs internationally since 1985. He has a complete machine shop and has been collecting for over 40 years.

Kristen Braun

Western Michigan Phonograph

Ravenna, Michigan


Kris has been shadowing her father, George Vollema, for over 5 years, and has now set-out on her own to provide premiere repair services on motors and soundboxes. Her team does outstanding work at very reasonable prices.





In Canada (service also available for USA shipments):


Brian Nix

The Gramophone Doctor

709 Amesbury Court   

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

N7V 2P9

(519) 466-2169




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