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Mechanical Repair Services

Victor motors were designed to last for many years, but over time, many problems can develop:

Victor soundboxes can deteriorate, causing low volume, distortion, or no sound at all:

Other mechanical issues can develop:

These repairs can be done through many qualified sources, or by the competent home-handyman. Step by step instructions can be found in some of the books listed in the RESOURCES section of this website. However, the process of cleaning 100 year-old hardened grease off the springs and attempting to remove and replace the large steel spring assemblies can be very messy, difficult and even treacherous unless extreme care is taken.

We no longer perform mechanical repairs unless they are related to a restoration or machine overhaul; however we solidly recommend the following services:


George Vollema

Great Lakes Antique Phonograph

9496 N. Woodbridge Ave

Bitely MI 49309

(231) 745-7175



(George is a fantastic resource for all kinds of Victrola parts, cabinets, etc...and he does first-class repairs)


Antique Phonograph Supply Company (APSCO)

P.O.Box 123

Route 23

Davenport Center, New York  13751

(607) 278-6218

(Top quality repairs and many parts too!!)


Wyatts Musical Americana

P.O.Box 601

Lakeport, California  95453

(707) 263-5013

(Great resource on the west coast)


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