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VE 9-56X


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The 9-56 was the most expensive non-custom radio-phonograph set ever offered by Victor when it was introduced in the fall of 1928. Selling for a whopping $1,750.00 (equivalent to $21,800 in 2012 dollars) it found only 258 buyers. It included Victor's second generation automatic record changer (often considered to be rough on records during "reject") in combination with an RCA Radiola Model 64 receiver. It is functionally identical to the VE 9-54, however the cabinet of the 9-56 featured a much more elegant inlay design with hand painted decorations. Satinwood veneer was used. Storage was provided for record albums.

Production ran only for a few months in late 1928. However, this model remained in the Victor catalog for several years afterwards (likely due to the high price and the onset of The Depression in 1929). It is likely that many were eventually sold in the early 1930's at a highly reduced price, possibly with newer electronics having been retrofitted into the elegant cabinets by creative dealers.

The 9-56 is one of the rarest and most desirable Victrola product of the late 1920's.




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