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The VV-400 was one of three deluxe flat-top console models that were introduced in late 1923. These premium machines featured gold plated hardware, a four-spring motor, and elegantly contrasting veneers and stains. The 400 was the most modern looking of the three, with modern linear ornamentation and a very squared-off look. Doors were finished with a special mahogany veneer, forming a "V" grain pattern.  A VV-400S series was also available, which allowed the user (or dealer) to install a radio in the area that was intended for record storage. This option allowed both sides of the top to open (the top on "regular" 400's only opened on the right hand side), and added $15.00 to the cost. Except for this difference, all VV-400's have identical features. The 400 was produced through the first half of 1925, and was only available in mahogany. 

The original 1923 selling price of the 400 was $250.00. An estimated total of 12,400 hand-wound Victrola 400's were produced; Approximately 500 hand-wound 400-S models were also made. 

A total of 600 electric-powered VE-400's were made, along with 640 electric VE-400-S versions. 




The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-400 to be S/N 518 and the latest to be S/N 12817. 

The earliest existent VV-S-400 is S/N 686 and the latest is S/N 1048

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1923 501-9400        
1924 9400-9800          
1925 9800-12900   
VE-400 Electric:         
1923 501-800     
1924-1925 800-1069     
VV-400 S          
1924-1925 501-1100 Correlation of year of production with serial numbers is undetermined at this time
VE-400 S Electric:           
1924-1925 501-1141 Correlation of year of production with serial numbers is undetermined at this time


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