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VV-230 / VE-230


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 The VV-230 was the premium "flat-top" console model Victrola, catering to wealthy customers.  While most console models are shunned by collectors today, the VV-230 is rare and elegant enough to draw considerable interest by the collector community. The 230 had bowed front and side panels, and deluxe gold hardware.  All 230's had the semi-automatic brake and a four-spring motor. VV-230's were available in mahogany (right) or walnut (left) finishes, although mahogany was the most common choice. Some 230's were also produced with hand-painted scenes and special finishes. In 1924, an "air lid support" feature became standard, eliminating the need for the user to manually disengage the lid lock to put the top down. 

The original 1922 selling price of the VV-230 was $375.00, making it the most expensive non-custom Victrola of the mid-20's. Special finishes could increase the price considerably. Production records for this model show some skips in serial numbers, and there is some conflicting data in the factory reports vs. serial numbers of surviving examples, but the current estimated total is approximately 4,000 units produced before it was discontinued in 1925.

Electric versions of the 230 were available for $40.00 extra.  Factory reports state that 820 electric VE-230's were produced, but actual production numbers were much higher at approximately 1,400 units.





The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-230 to be S/N 550 and the latest to be S/N 4175.

The earliest existent VE-230 is S/N 530 and the latest is 1463

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1922 501-1900


1923 1900-2750    
1924 2750-3200 Air Lid Support added
1925 3200-3896    
VE-230 Electric:            
1922 501-726    
1923 726-1072     
1924 1072-1197 Air Lid Support added
1925 1197-1321     


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