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VV-215 / VE-215/ VV-S-215 / VE-S-215


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The VV-215 was a popular mid-range console model, one step above the low-priced VV-210. It had a slightly larger cabinet than the 210 and added a sliding storage drawer, but shared the 210's nickel-plated hardware and 2-spring motor. A VV-S-215 series was also available, which allowed the user (or dealer) to install a radio in the area that was intended for record storage. This option allowed both sides of the top to open (the top on "regular" 215's only opened on the right hand side), and added $10.00 to the cost. Some late production 215's have the air support lid feature.  This model was available in either mahogany or walnut.  The 215 was produced through the end of 1924, but remained in the Victor catalog during the following year.

The original 1923 selling price of the 215 was $150.00. An estimated total of 102,338 hand-wound Victrola 215's  were produced; 35,000 hand-wound 215-S models were also made. 

A total of 91 electric-powered VE-215's were made, along with 62 electric VE-215-S versions. 




The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV-215 to be S/N 541 and the latest to be 102366. The earliest VV-S-215 is S/N 628 and the latest is 35025.

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1923 501-68500        
1924 68500-102839 Air support lid feature added late in production
VE-215 Electric:         
1923 None     
1924 501-592     Air support lid feature added late in production
VV-215 S          
1924 501-35000 Air support lid feature added late in production
VE-215 S Electric:           
1924 501-563 Air support lid feature added late in production


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