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VE 10-69 E


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The VE 10-69 was a premium phonograph, introduced in 1928, and was manufactured for only that year. This machine utilized Victor's second generation automatic record changer (which was not considered a successful design due to rough handing of records), allowing the user to play up to 12 records automatically without the need to manually intervene. RCA's latest radio (Model SPU-24) and electronic amplifier was included, providing the best performance possible at that time. The large cabinet was called "Old English Chest" design in the catalogs. They were produced in the buyer's choice of light or dark stained oak.

The original 1928 selling price of the VE 10-70 was $850.00. An estimated total of 1,800 VE 10-69's were produced, all in 1928. Serial numbers for this model range well into the 3,000 range, indicating that large blocks of serial numbers were likely skipped during production.  Due to their high cost, and the onset of the Depression, many remained unsold. After RCA bought Victor in 1929, these elegant leftover cabinets were used to house later-vintage radio/phonograph combinations.




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