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Parts and Needle Suppliers

Victor Phonograph parts are readily available from a number of sources. The suppliers listed below carry most mechanical parts for Victor phonographs, and some even stock cabinet or trim pieces. They do excellent mechanical repair work as well. Over the past few years, we have relied on these sources for parts, and I strongly recommend them without hesitation:

Please note that we do not sell parts.  We stock parts only for our own restoration work.

George Vollema

Great Lakes Antique Phonograph

9496 N. Woodbridge Ave

Bitely MI 49309

(231) 745-7175



(George is a fantastic resource for all kinds of Victrola parts, cabinets, etc...and he does first-class repairs)


Antique Phonograph Supply Company (APSCO)

P.O.Box 123

Route 23

Davenport Center, New York  13751

(607) 278-6218

(Top quality repairs and many parts too!!)


Wyatts Musical Americana

P.O.Box 601

Lakeport, California  95453

(707) 263-5013

(Great resource on the west coast)


In Canada (service also available for USA shipments):


Bob Nix

479-5600 Blackwell Sideroad   

Sarnia, Ontario, Canada

N7W 0A9

(519) 332-5718