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Sample Appraisal




This is an example of the appraisals we provide. During our evaluation, we identify any issues or concerns, ascertain rarity based on original production numbers and current survival levels, as well as calculate the statistical range of documented recent sales. In addition, we supply relevant information from the original Victor catalogs

Please note that this only a sample, and does not represent an actual Victor or Victrola model; the details & comments are included only to provide a general idea of the content of an actual appraisal.



Victrola Model VV-XXXX  Serial Number 10000 Type A

Appraisal Date: January 1, 2020

Owner: Joe Jones, Jonesville, NY

Type of Phonograph: Victor Victrola Floor Model Upright, Model XXXX   S/N 10000 Type E, Red Mahogany Finish

Description:   The Victrola XXXX was a popular phonograph, in the upper-middle price range of the product line. The XXXX featured a three-spring motor, automatic brake and Exhibition Soundbox, and was originally supplied with Victor record albums. Nickel-plated hardware was used. The XXXX evolved through three design stages, with each stage identified by an incremental “Type” suffix letter. The "Type A" series was introduced in October, 1916 which featured a modernized cabinet with added trim detailing.  Corner posts featured hand carved ornamentation.

Operational Condition: This phonograph is in operational condition.

Cosmetic Condition: Good (G) original condition

Selling Dealer: Jackson's Music Store, St. Louis MO

Production Date:  September, 1917

Retail Price License Date: October 1, 1916

Original Selling Price: $150.00 (equates to $3,275.00 in 2020 dollars)

Dates of Production: (Model XXXX, all series) September 1914-August 1919

Total Production: 22,425

Rarity: The VV-XXXX represents 0.2% of total Victor production. Rarity is classified as "uncommon” (2 stars out of 4).

Current Market Value (in current condition): Low $700.00  Median: $800.00  High: $1,100.00

Note: Market value is based on documented auction and private sales (not asking prices) of identical models in similar condition from 2009-2019. A total of 72 confirmed sales have been recorded. Low represents the 20th percentile (e.g. bottom 20%) of realized selling prices, Median represents the 50th percentile, and High represents the 80th percentile (e.g. top 20%) of realized selling prices.


The Victrola XXXX was one of Victor’s "mid-range" models, which failed to catch-on with the public's tastes. This particular design was in production from 1914 through 1919, but it remained in the catalog up through the end of 1921. It is assumed that many unsold VV-XXXX models remained stored in warehouses long after that date. Most XXXX's were probably sold in 1925 during Victor's "Half Price" sale (which was promoted to clear-out thousands of unsold machines). This style is relatively popular with collectors today due to its low production numbers and elegant carvings on the corner posts.  It also includes distinctive fretwork below the lid that was removed from later production versions.  The vast majority were produced in mahogany, as was this example. XXXX models with oak or walnut finishes are quite rare, and can be valued at well over 4 times the appraised price for this machine.

The appraised instrument appears to be in good condition, although it is missing the original albums.  Also missing is the crank escutcheon, the lock escutcheon and the motorboard lifting knob. These missing parts are readily available from a number of suppliers.  There is minor loss of finish on the top of the lid, although the cabinet is generally attractive. One of the record storage doors shows evidence of minor damage. These issues negatively affect the appraised value, as “condition is everything” when selling antiques. The owner reports that the Victrola works well.

The 78 RPM records shown in the submitted pictures date from the 1930’s and 1940’s, and have a nominal value of about $1.00 each. They are much newer than the appraised machine, and can be damaged if played repeatedly on an early acoustic phonograph such as this example.

Also included is a Victor Fibre Needle cutter and an accessory record brush attached to the soundbox. A partially-filled box of 1920’s-vintage “Tungstone” needles is also included. These needles can be used on the Victrola XXXX, but were primarily designed for the later generation of Orthophonic machines. These have a combined value of about $50.00.

Database Summary:  There are currently 2,250 VV-XXXX phonographs logged in the survival database:

S/N 10000 appears between:

·         s/n 9799 (mahogany, good condition, sold on Ebay, Sept 24, 2014 for $185)

·         s/n 10010 (mahogany, rough machine, poor condition, appeared at a Stanton Auction in September, 2008 in Charlotte Michigan, sold for $60) Current whereabouts unknown.

This appraisal report is an appraisal expert's opinion of value based on market comparable research of the item description and images supplied by our customer. No further guarantee of authenticity, genuineness, attribution or authorship is represented.

Current Fair Market Value is the price agreed on between a willing buyer and seller, neither being required to act, and both having reasonable knowledge of the facts.

Appraisal completed by:

<signed> Paul Edie, Robert Baumbach


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