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Sample Appraisal


This is a "blanked-out" copy of a typical appraisal that we perform. Adequate time is spent to evaluate condition, identify any issues or concerns, and to ascertain rarity and value in the current market. In addition, we supply relevant information from our "Victrola Survival Database"

Phonograph Appraisal

Victrola Model VV-XVI  Serial Number XXXXX Type C

Appraisal Date: February 10, 2018

Owner: Mr. Joe Smith, Somewhere, USA

Type of Phonograph: Victor Victrola Model XVI, S/N XXXXX, Red Mahogany finish

Description:   The Victrola XVI was one of Victor’s longest running models, in production from 1906 through 1920. It was considered the “flagship” of Victor products for many years. The XVI featured a four-spring motor, automatic brake and gold soundbox, and was originally supplied with 13 Victor record albums. The XVI “Type C” variant was first introduced in December 1909, and utilized updated hardware and controls from the previous version(s).

Operational Condition: This phonograph is in operating condition

Cosmetic Condition:  Good Plus (G+) original condition.

Selling Dealer: Unknown

Production Date:  August, 1910

Retail Pricing License Date: June 1, 1910

Original Selling Price: $200.00 (equates to $5,000.00 in 2014 dollars)

Dates of Production: August 1906-March 1921

Total Production: 197,020 (all cabinet styles)

Rarity: The Victrola XVI model represents 1.8% of total Victor production. Rarity is ranked as 1 star out of 4 (very common).

Current Market Value (in current condition): Low: XXX.00 Median: $XXX.00 High: $XXX.00

Appraisal is based on documented private and auction realized sale prices (not asking prices) of identical models in similar condition from 2007-2018. Low represents the prices for the bottom 20th percentile of the sold population, Median represents the 50th percentile, and High represents the 80th percentile (e.g. top 20%) of the population of machines that were sold during this period.

In spite of the relatively high selling price of this model, a large number were produced and a corresponding large number survive to this day.  A total of over 197,000 examples of this model were produced, and for much of this production run, the XVI model was at or near the top of Victor’s product line.  It is thought that about 15% of this model was finished in oak, with mahogany counting for the majority.

This particular cabinet style, with minor variations, was in production from 1907 through 1912.  This cabinet is generally more popular with collectors today than the later style of this model, and is generally referred to as the “L-Door” model due to the shape of the doors.

This example has a good original finish which adds to the value. The hardware is original and correct, and the condition of the gold plating appears quite good. Minor (repairable) damage appears on one of the corner post carvings. Most VV-XVI's were produced in mahogany (red or brown). Machines in walnut or lacquer finishes can bring significantly more money.

Database Summary:  There are currently 23,671 VV-XVI phonographs logged in the survival database:

s/n XXXXX appears between:

·         s/n XXXXX (oak, in private collection in North Carolina)

·         s/n XXXX (mahogany,sold on Ebay June 4, 2010)

DIsclaimer: This appraisal report is an appraisal expert's opinion of value based on market comparable research of the item description and images supplied by our customer. No further guarantee of authenticity, genuineness, attribution or authorship is represented.

Current Fair Market Value is the price agreed on between a willing buyer and seller, neither being required to act, and both having reasonable knowledge of the facts.


Appraisal completed by:

Paul C. Edie

Robert W. Baumbach

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