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VE 9-25 E


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The 9-25 was one of Victor's premium radio/phonograph combinations introduced in late 1927. It included Victor's electric phonograph (without changer), along with an RCA Radiola Model 28 radio. The center doors covered the electrodynamic loudspeaker, and the top opened to reveal the phonograph and radio controls. The side doors on the front were used for record storage. All 9-25's were produced in walnut.

The original 1927 selling price of the VE 9-25 was $1,150.00, making it one of the most expensive machines in the Victor catalog when it was introduced. An estimated total of  only 1038 VE 9-25's were produced until it was discontinued from the catalog in 1928. All VE 9-25's were manufactured during the latter part of 1927.







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