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VE 9-55X / VE 9-55E


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The VE 9-55 was Victor's top-of-the-line instrument when introduced in the fall of 1927. It matched a premium RCA Radiola 28 radio with Victor's newly designed automatic record changer and magnetic soundbox, permitting the electrical (not acoustic) reproduction of records. Playback was through a 6-inch cone speaker with "special acoustic stabilizer".  Although the VE 10-50 was the first model to use the automatic changer (with acoustic playback), and the VE 10-51 used the automatic changer with electrical reproduction (without a radio) the 9-55 had the best of all worlds.  The automatic changer allowed the user to play up to 12 records automatically without the need to manually intervene.  Records were manually loaded onto a spindle and then transferred to the automatic changer. From that point on, the 9-55 did all the work of changing records. 

The original 1927 selling price of the VE 9-55 was an astounding $1,550.00 (equal to $19,060 in today's money). An estimated total of 2,039 VE 9-55's were produced. Production ran only a few months in late 1927, when the rapidly advancing electronic technology rendered this model obsolete.







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