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VV 9-15 / VE 9-15X


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The 9-15 was a premium a radio/phonograph combination that required much less space than the gigantic Borgia I series, but still included many of the same features. The 9-15 was introduced during the fall of 1926, and used an RCA Radiola 28 AM receiver along with a Victor Orthophonic phonograph. The radio used an electromagnetic driver, which was coupled to the horn throat via a mechanical valve. The user simply slid the mechanical control to select either radio or phonograph reproduction. All 9-15's featured a blended walnut veneer finish. The radio was battery powered, requiring 10 batteries to function!

The original 1926 selling price of the VV 9-15 (spring-wound phonograph motor) was $600.00. VE 9-15s (with electrically powered motor) cost an extra $35.00.  An estimated total of 833 spring-wound  VV 9-15' s were produced until it was discontinued from the catalog in 1927. A total of 1396 VE 9-15's were produced.








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