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VV 8-9 / VE 8-9X


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The VV 8-9 was an upright Orthophonic Victrola, introduced in 1928.  This Victrola was simply a highly decorated VV 8-8 (the 8-8 was a plain machine on wheels intended for use by schools). By removing the wheels, adding carved trim and more ornate detail, the schoolhouse 8-8 phonograph was transformed into the VV 8-9, a machine suitable for home use. It was available only in a dark oak finish, with blue painted trim panels and small carvings. In addition, the 8-9 had a large decorated art-deco cross on the horn grille cloth. The 8-9 used a large stamped steel horn rather than the wooden horn that had been used in earlier Orthophonic machines. All 8-9's included an automatic brake and gold plated hardware and are identical in design features. Sales literature of the era indicates that this model was designed to appeal to immigrants from Europe. The 8-9 was discontinued in 1929.

The original 1928 selling price of the 8-9 was $175.00. An estimated total of 9,200 hand-wound Victrola 8-9's were produced. 

The 8-9 was also available with an electric motor option (VE 8-9) for an extra $35.00, and a total of 994 of these machines were produced.






The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV 8-9 to be S/N 520 and the latest to be S/N 9484

The earliest existent VE 8-9 is S/N 502 and the latest is S/N 1496. 

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1928 501-5300        
1929 5300-9700         
VE 8-9 Electric:         
1928 501-1225     
1929 1225-1500     


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