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VV 8-8


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 The VV 8-8 was the second-generation "schoolhouse" Orthophonic Victrola, introduced in 1928.  It was intended for use by schools and churches, and had a plain oak cabinet (with "hidden" wheels in the rear for easy transport) and large Orthophonic horn.  This model replaced the earlier VV 8-7, with a fancier cabinet, with blue painted bands, similar to that of the deluxe home-version VV 8-9. The wheels (in the rear) were recessed as to be hardly visible, and a handle bar across the back made moving the machine very easy. Standard features included an automatic brake and nickel plated hardware. All 8-8's are identical in design and features. It was manufactured up through at least 1930, after RCA had purchased Victor.

The original 1928 selling price of the 8-7 was $195.00. Schools automatically got a 25% discount from the list price. An estimated total of 1,200 Victrola 8-8's were produced, making it one of the rarest Orthophonic machines made.

No evidence exists that an electric version of the 8-8 was manufactured.  





Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1928 501-1400        
1929-?? 1401-1700         


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