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VV 7-30 / VE 7-30X / VV S 7-30


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The 7-30 was a combination radio/phonograph, introduced early in 1927. It was essentially an updated version of the VV 7-3 which was produced during the previous year. The 7-30 shares identical components with the 7-3 a different cabinet design. It utilized an RCA-produced Radiola Model 20 radio, with a selector switch to convert operation between the phonograph and radio. The 7-30 featured a small Orthophonic "folded" horn and gold plated hardware. All 7-30's were manufactured in 1927. Interestingly, at the time of introduction, the Radiola 20 was already obsolete, so it is not surprising that this model did not sell well.

The original 1927 selling price of the 7-30 was $325.00. The electric-motor version (VE 7-30) cost an extra $35.00. An estimated total of 3,900 Victrola VV 7-30's and 200 VE 7-30's were produced. A variant of this model, the VV-S-7-30 have been recently noted. This model is a 7-30 without the radio included, so that the buyer could purchase and install the radio of his choice. It is also possible (but not proven) that a VE-S-7-30 (with an electric motor) was also made. Based on the serial number of surviving examples, it is likely that at least 10,000 VV-S-7-30's were made, and quite possibly more, although the factory documents do not refer to such a model having ever been produced. If so, this would indicate that buying public preferred to select their own radios for this model, rather than rely on Victor's chosen installation.  It is also speculated that Victor may have made too many cabinets for this model, and dumped them onto the market in 1928 (without radio), and designated them as VV 7-30S. Given that the Radiola 20 was very outdated by 1928, it is not surprising that Victor needed to unload the cabinets. In any case, without exact production numbers being known, it is not currently possible to determing true "rarity" of this model.




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