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VV 4-20 / VE 4-20


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The 4-20 was a low-priced, basic floor model phonograph produced in the late 1920's, toward the end of the acoustic phonograph era. This model was also marketed and sold in Latin America, as the demand for basic acoustic machines had been on the decline in the United States for several years. This phonograph offered a small Orthophonic horn, a 2-spring motor, and a rather plain mahogany cabinet with yellow grille cover. Electric versions (VE 4-20) were available for $35.00 extra. The 4-20 was introduced in 1928, and was discontinued in 1929.

The original 1928 selling price of the 4-20 was $135.00. An estimated total of 34,000 Victrola 4-20's were produced. An estimated total of 1700 VE 4-20's were also made.










 The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV 4-20 to be S/N 510 and the latest to be S/N 34231.

The earliest existent VE 4-20 (electric) is S/N 638 and the latest is S/N 1515

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1928 501-24000     
1929 24001-34500    
VE 4-20 Electric:         
1928 501-1300
1929 1301-2200



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