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VV 4-7 / VE 4-7


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The VV 4-7 was a step up from the lowest priced VV 4-3 floor model, with a slightly larger and more stylized cabinet and folded Orthophonic horn. It was introduced in mid-1926, and was probably intended to replace the discontinued Colony (VV 4-5) which had not done well with buyers. It was available only in a mahogany finish, and included an automatic brake and nickel-plated hardware. It was discontinued from the Victor catalog in 1928; however, factory production of this model was ceased in late 1927. 

The original 1926 selling price of the 4-7 was $125.00. Based on factory information, an estimated total of 73,264 Victrola 4-7's were manufactured, however it is probable that more than this were actually produced. Toward the end of production, the 4-7 was shipped primarily to Latin American markets, and most surviving examples with serial numbers above 75000 have dealer information indicating that they were sold out of Mexico or South America. So it is possible that a late block of serial numbers was reserved for export shipments.

The 4-7 was also available with an electric motor option (VE 4-7) for $35 extra. A total of 3,433 electric versions were built. 






The current collector database shows the earliest existent VV 4-7 to be S/N 511 and the latest to be S/N 78595.

The earliest existent VE 4-7 is S/N 643 and the latest is S/N 4688

Manufacture Date Serial Number Range Feature Notes
1926 501-36000          
1927 36000-73765           
VE 4-7 Electric:           
1926 501-1700     
1927 1700-4600   Note: Some serial numbers were skipped in production  

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