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VV-370 / VE-370


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The VV-370 was one of three short-lived "designer" upright Victrolas, that were introduced in late 1924 and manufactured for less than a year. The 350 was almost identical to the design of the VV-410, but in an upright (not console) cabinet configuration. It used the same ball and claw feet and Queene Anne design themes as was featured on the VV-410. Like the VV-350 and VV-360 (introduced at the same time), the VV-370 was intended to provide an upscale choice for affluent buyers; however, very few were sold and the model was discontinued early in 1925.  All VV-370's have identical features, including gold plated hardware, an air-support lid, and a 4-spring motor. The 370 was only available in mahogany. 

The original 1924 selling price of the 370 was $275.00. According to factory data, only 907 Victrola 370's  were produced, all for the Christmas Season of 1924. Approximately 161 VE-370's (electric) were made, with serial numbers ranging from 501 through 662.







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