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VV-211 / VV-S-211

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Little is known about the VV-S-211. It was basically a radio-adaptable VV-210 phonograph, presumably produced and sold only in the Canadian market. It has an identical cabinet to the 210, but has space for a radio installation on the left side of the cabinet. The 211's lid support is in the center of the lid, and not on the right hand side as with the 210. Like the VV-210, the S-211 was a low-priced, flat top console phonograph. All 211's had the semi-automatic brake and a two-spring motor.

The original selling price and production volumes for the VV-S-211 are unknown. It is assumed that this model was introduced around 1924, at about the time Victor was unloading some excess stock of unsold phonographs stored in Camden, and it is likely that the 211 was simply a converted VV-210







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