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VE 10-51 X


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The VE 10-51 was a companion to the revolutionary VE 10-50. While the 10-50 was the first phonograph to use the fully automatic record changer that Victor produced, the 10-51 took the additional step to combine this feature with the electronic playback of recordings. It used a Victor phonograph with an magnetic soundbox in combination with an RCA audio amplifier, to allow greater control of volume and an increased dynamic range. The changer allowed the user to play up to 12 records automatically without the need to manually intervene. Records were manually loaded onto a spindle and then transferred to the automatic changer. From that point on, the 10-51 did all the work of changing records.  An input jack was provided to allow connection to an external radio set.

The 10-51 was introduced in the summer of 1927, about 6 months after the 10-50. The selling price of the VE 10-51 was an eye-popping $1,050.00, which is equivalent to over $13,000 in today's money. An estimated total of only 477 VE 10-51's were produced until production was discontinued, making it one of the rarest of the late 1920's models.  All 10-51's were built during 1927, although the model remained in the catalog until early 1928.




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