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VV-XVI  Serial Number 76926 Type E Circassian Walnut

Build Date: April, 1913

Originality:   1   Exceptional original, right down to the turntable felt!

Overall Condition:   2+   Spectacular original. Only the very slightest signs of age and wear

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Here's a Victrola for the truly discriminating collector. The VV-XVI was Victor's "Flagship" Victrola model, large in size and impressive in design. With Victor's best 4-spring motor, gold-plated trim and hand-carved corner posts, these machines are imposing, and can dominate a good-sized room. In August 1912, the XVI model underwent a major design change (the suffix letter was changed to "E"); and the cabinet became much more ornate and detailed, and was enlarged considerably. Those XVI's with an "E" or "F" suffix had an extraordinary amount of hand-carving on the corner posts (even more than the previous versions), and these never fail to gain attention.  The amount of carving was decreased in 1915 to save production costs, so these elegant versions were not available for very long. The vast majority of these models were produced in mahogany, with oak running a distant second. This example was produced in the optional Circassian Walnut finish. This wood was imported from Russia, and was sought-after for its remarkable grain figuring and warm colors. U-Boat activity at the onset of World War One cut-off the supply coming into the USA, so American Walnut became the "premium" finish after 1917, but it can't compare to the beauty and elegance of the Circassian variety.  You can occasionally find decent Circassian Walnut Victrolas on Ebay and elsewhere, but certainly not in this condition. This example is so nice that it defies description. No crazing or damage is present, and only the very slightest signs of wear and use are evident. No chips, scratches, gouges, dings, or bumps anywhere. Condition is everything in an antique, and this example is certainly in the "top 5%" of what we find online or at sales and auctions. In addition, it features a very rare optional "Concert" soundbox, rather than the usual "Exhibition" version that came standard with the machine. The soundbox also has the correct original box that came with it when new. In addition, it has an original "record light" accessory, to light-up the turntable (via batteries) when playing a record. This brings the cost of this set up to $275.00 in 1913, equating to almost $7,000.00 in today's money. Quite a chuck of change when the average wage as $25.00 per week! This would be a great centerpiece of any collection, and will blend-in with virtually any room decor.  Try to find another one like this, in outstanding original condition! You can find more on the XVI by clicking here.

This is a phonograph for the person who wants the very best in rarity, condition and stunning appearance. It is not priced cheaply, but the best examples in this rare and elegant finish have risen steeply in price over the past several years. The soundbox has been completely rebuilt; the motor has been fully overhauled.  It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.






PRICE: $6200.00


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