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Victor B


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The Victor B (or "Type B") was Eldridge Johnson's first "bread and butter" talking machine. The Type B was actually produced several years before the Victor Talking Machine was founded. Emile Berliner, the inventor of the flat phonograph disc, designed and marketed this model as early as 1896. Johnson had been contracted by Berliner to manufacture some components for the phonographs. Berliner eventually sold the business to Johnson, who named his new enterprise "The Victor Talking Machine Company" and continued to produce many models of Berliner's product line. The Type B is called the Trademark Phonograph because it was the model used in the famous Victor logo with Nipper staring down the horn.  Early versions of this machine pre-date the introduction of the Nipper logo. The Type B sold new for $18.00, and was discontinued in 1902. A stamped steel horn was standard along with a single spring motor and "Standard" Soundbox. The crank was placed in a vertical position and a 7 inch turntable was used.  Exact production numbers are unknown. These early Victors are highly prized by collectors today.





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