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The V-30 was intended for export sale. It was introduced in September 1929, literally a few weeks before RCA purchased The Victor Talking Machine Company. Technically, it is an RCA model, but it was designed by Victor and utilized standard Victor Orthophonic components.  By the time the V-30 was introduced, the US market was becoming dominated by electronic phonographs, and it is likely that Victor launched this model to use-up their remaining acoustic reproduction parts for Canadian and Latin American customers. There is some evidence that a few V-30's were sold by rural dealers in the Southwest and Northeast US , but the vast majority were sold outside the USA.

Production for this model ran only from September through December of 1929; however, due to reduced sales during the onset of the depression, this model remained in stock (and in the RCA-Victor Export catalogs) through Christmas of 1931. Approximately 8,500 were produced.








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