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Section Two: Please Remember the Basic Definitions!

(These terms will be used throughout this website)


VICTOR PHONOGRAPH (external horn)  1901-1920








VICTROLA PHONOGRAPH (inside horn) 1906-1925.  An ELECTROLA is an electrically-powered (motorized) Victrola









ORTHOPHONIC or LATE ELECTROLA PHONOGRAPH (internal horn or speaker) 1925-1929.  The "Victrola" name was still commonly used on these later-vintage phonographs as well.










....along with about 400 other minor brands as well. You will have to look elsewhere for information on non-Victor machines.

INTERESTING FACT: Note that the "horn slats" on a Victrola (the ones that open and close just below the lid on most models) are NOT record storage shelves. The slots are there to direct the sound toward the user, and the doors are opened and closed to control the volume. Store your records in the bottom of the cabinet, not in the horn slats!!



Now let's determine how old your Victor phonograph is:

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