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VV Orthophonic "Credenza"  s/n 5104  2-door version with Brass Ortho Soundbox  SOLD! Xue Shiyan, Shanghi China

Build Date:  November 1925

Originality:   1-   Totally original (unrestored) cabinet, hardware and finish. Only turntable felt replaced.

Overall Condition:   4  Extremely nice original, minor wear to finish in a few spots. Some parts missing.

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The Victrola Credenza (later named the 8-30) became the company's "flagship" model after the introduction of the Orthophonic line of phonographs in November 1925. It represented the pinnacle of acoustic reproduction, allowing high-quality playback of the new electrical recordings. Only when the price of electron tubes was reduced to an affordable level for home use (in the late '20's) did the Credenza's position as "best sounding phonograph" begin to be challenged.

When first introduced in the late fall of 1925, the Credenza was produced with a "two door" design. In early 1926, this was changed-over to a "four door" design. The reasons for this change was that the two large doors required a very wide "swing" to open them fully, and consequently, a great deal of clearance was required in front (and on the sides) of the machine. The four-door models used much smaller doors, and required far less open space around the machine.  Since the two door models were only made during the early production phase, they are scarce and  desireable. This spring-powered example is 100% original and is in good condition. It is exactly as it was shipped from the factory, including the soundbox, cabinet, and all hardware. The grille cloth shows some discoloration, but is in very good shape. Felt on the turntable has been replaced. The original gold plate shows slight wear in places on the tonearm. The motor and speed control system need parts to function correctly, and the automatic brake is broken.  The lid and cabinet have no gouges. All four "ball" feet are intact and in good shape. There is wear to the finish on the trim around the bottom, and the top of the lid has dulled slightly.

This is not an electrically powered phonograph. Requires winding of the spring.

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Price: $500.000  SOLD!


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