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VV-XVI  Serial Number 113378 Type H Antique Oak Finish  SOLD! Newnan GA

Build Date:  May, 1915

Originality:   1  Absoultely untouched original, down to turntable felt

Overall Condition:   3-  Beautiful overall appearance, see notes below

(See the Ratings/Condition page for our grading scales)


The VV-XVI was Victor's "Flagship" Victrola model, large in size and impressive in design. With Victor's best 4-spring motor, gold plated trim and hand-carved corner posts, these machines are imposing, and can dominate a good-sized room. Nearly 200,000 XVI's were made during the long model run from 1906 through 1921.  This machine is in an unusual "Antique Oak" finish, which was Victor's name for oak veneer with a "dark and distressed" appearance. It came out of the original owner's farmhouse in Eastern Pennsylvania about 10 years ago. It has a wonderful patina and shows very nicely. "Type H" versions of this model have quite a bit of detailed carvings and very heavy lids and doors. The hand carvings are near-perfect, and the machine is completely correct, down to each screw and washer.  There are a few minor ding marks, the largest one being a dime-sized indentation on the right front door, but the veneer is still intact there, and the damage is not very noticeable. Therefore, this represents an exceptional value for someone who wants and authentic and beautiful large Victrola as a conversation starter or for entertaining guests. Hardware is in nice shape, with some wear in the usual places. Original turntable felt!  The 4-spring motor will be rebuilt in our shop later this month, and will be ready to go to its new home. It is really unusual to find one of these high-end machines in totally original and excellent condition, especially true in the Antique Oak finish.


This would be well-suited in a large room, and would fit-in with a variety of decors. As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components are torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt (by us). It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.








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