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VV-XI Early Tabletop Model in Weathered Oak with Base Cabinet Serial Number 1133 Type SOLD! Waldorf MD

Build Date: Approximately December 1910

Originality:   1  Absolutely original and untouched, including turntable felt

Overall Condition:   4+  Nice original, shows some wear in places

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The VV-XI is well-known as Victor's most popular floor model phonograph, with production exceeding 800,000 machines. However few people know that the XI was originally produced as a "premium" tabletop model, first announced to the dealer organization in September, 1910. Priced at a whopping $100.00 (which equates to over $2,500.00 in today's money), it featured gold plated hardware, a 2-spring motor and elegant trim moldings. Given the price, and the fact that Victor's competitors were producing similar tabletop models for far less money, Victor quietly transitioned the tabletop XI into a substantial floor-standing model for the same price, and sales took off like wildfire. Of course, during the transition, some cost-cutting was done on the floor model version; gold trim was eliminated, and the degree of detail on the cabinet was greatly reduced. Only 10,173 of these tabletop XI models were ever made, making them highly desired by collectors. Not only are they scarce and relatively early in the Victrola production cycle, they are one of the most elegant and full-featured tabletop cabinet designs ever produced.

XI Tabletop machines do not come available frequently. When they do show-up, the vast majority are in a mahogany finish. A few will be seen in Golden Oak. But this one was produced in an extremely rare Weathered Oak finish, and is the only Tabletop XI we've ever seen with this option. Weathered Oak machines are hard to come-by for any model, but considering the rarity of the XI Tabletop Victrola, this is a truly remarkable phonograph.  To make this an even better find, it comes with the original matching VV-XI base cabinet, which was made by an aftermarket furniture company and sold by Victor Dealers. The phonograph fits perfectly into the base, and the finish colors match. The entire set is absolutely and unquestionably original, right down to the turntable felt.  Some minor discoloration is evident in a few spots, but this does not detract from the appearance.  This is a great opportunity to purchase a great example of an extremely rare original machine. It is highly unlikely that a set of this caliber will ever come available again. We challenge you to find another one anywhere.

This Victrola weighs almost 80 lbs., and measures 16" X 18" X 22" at the base. It is really a substantial machine!

NOTE: The dark "splotches" on the base cabinet are highly exaggerated by the camera flash. They are the normal color variances seen in Weathered Oak, and do not appear as strong in-person.

For more information on the XI, please click here.

As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components will be torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt. It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.

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