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VV-X "Spider Leg" Serial Number 29846 Type D  SOLD! York PA

Build Date: April 1913

Originality:   3  Restored in 2011 by Victor-Victrola

Overall Condition:   2-   Very nice, showing only the slightest wear

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The Victrola X was first introduced in 1910 as a moderately-priced tabletop model. In July, 1912, Victor added long Queen Anne legs to the cabinet, turning it into a very unusual-looking floor model. While considered elegant and "flowing", this design did not sell well; after less than one year of production, the selling price was cut by 33% (from $75.00 to $50.00) and production of the Victrola X was quietly transitioned to a conventional, enclosed-side floor model, which quickly became a top-seller. The reasons for this change were obvious; it was difficult and risky to store the large, heavy Victor record albums on the small shelf below the phonograph. Pull one album out, and the remaining albums could easily fall over. While enclosed-side Victrola X models are extremely common, the low-production "spider leg" versions are highly sought-after by collectors, as less than 15,000 of these versions were ever produced (compare that to over 1/2 million enclosed-side X's). Not many have survived, and this example is both complete and correctly restored. We completed the restoration work back in 2011 for a customer who was ultimately unable to pay for the work, and defaulted on the final payments. Therefore, we are now listing it for sale to recover the remainder of our investment. You could not come close to restoring this machine for our asking price, never mind trying to find a good example to restore.

If you are into unusual designs, or want an outstanding, small floor phonograph with very elegant lines, this would be a great choice. It performs like a champ, loud and clear. As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components have been torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt. It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty. You can learn more about the VV-X by clicking here.






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