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Victor V  with Spearpoint Horn Serial Number 32289 SOLD! Owens Mills, MD

Build Date:  Approximately 1907

Originality:   1-   Totally original except for turntable felt

Overall Condition:   3    Exceptional original condition for an unrestored machine. Beautiful patina and nice finish. Nickel hardware shows some wear

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A gorgeous phonograph for the discriminating buyer. This is an exceptional and original Victor V phonograph, with an original Victor spear-point horn in outstanding condition. It is one of the nicest machines we have recently offered. The Victor V was the second most expensive external-horn machine that the company made; the all-wood spearpoint horn was a pricey option when new, and is considered a highly collectable item today. This combination sold for $70.00 new, which equates to about $1,800.00 in today's money. This is a large, highly detailed, and stunning piece of furniture. The shading and patina of the wood horn matches the cabinet perfectly. The original Victor decal on the horn is in great shape, and the original finish has minor crazing, but it still better than 90% that we come across. The hefty 3-spring motor (Victor's best at that time) is powerful and will provide years of reliable service. The only thing we have done to it was a complete mechanical rebuild of motor and soundbox. The turntable felt had deteriorated when we found this phonograph, so it was replaced, but other than that, this machine is 100% original. Many Victor V phonographs that we see for sale online have reproduction wood horns (there are excellent-quality reproductions available, but the original ones are far more desirable), or have numerous issues such as incorrect hardware or marginal restorations. This one will hold its own anywhere, and would be a stunning addition to any collection. The nickel plating on the hardware does show some light wear, but is 100% correct and original with the machine. We have not attempted to polish it, as some buyers prefer the hardware to remain untouched. We will polish it out at no charge using a mild compound at the buyer's request. It is a very strong performer, with a quiet motor, and plenty of volume to fill any room with sound. A most impressive piece, especially true considering the fact that it is not restored in any way.  NOTE: The flash reflection makes the horn appear "dusty" or "cloudy" on these pictures; it does not appear this way in person.

You can find more on the Victor V by clicking here.  As with all our phonographs, it comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.






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