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Victor MS  Serial Number 19409 with Salter Base Cabinet SOLD! Kirkland WA

Build Date:  circa 1905

Originality:   3   Professionally restored to the highest standards

Overall Condition:   2-  Excellent in all repects. Shows minor wear in a few spots, but outstanding overall.

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Here is an opportunity to own a beautiful and rare early phonograph with a correct and elegant base cabinet! The Victor MS ("Monarch Special") was introduced in October 1902 as an "upper mid-priced" phonograph in the early product lineup. It featured a 10-inch turntable, nickel-plated hardware, and an powerful 2-spring motor.  Unlike the lower-priced models, the Victor MS had a well designed, premium oak cabinet with finely carved rounded column corners.  An Exhibition soundbox was standard equipment, so as to provide outstanding sound reproduction for the time. Selling at a substantial base price of $45.00 (which equates to $1,200.00 in today's money), it was intended to be marketed to upper-middle class households; however, with just over 20,000 MS models sold between 1902-1905, it is far rarer than the lower-cost models, such as the Victor II and Victor III.  This machine also features a smooth oak horn, which was an expensive option at the time. This was a very pricey luxury at a time when the average wage was 22 cents per hour! The MS was renamed as the "Victor IV" in late 1905, and the oak finish was transitioned to mahogany. This is one of the very last Victor MS models produced.

This machine and base cabinet was restored by us in the fall of 2005 for a customer who had found it in the home of his uncle in Missouri. It was complete and correct, but the finish was beyond hope due to years of storage in the farmhouse attic. The Salter base cabinet was found next to the phonograph. This was an expensive option at the time. Salter made very elegant base cabinets for different phonographs, which were sold by Victor dealers. This cabinet has record slots, an "automatic" door system with latch (when you open one door, the other door opens with it), and a side shelf to hold the next record you want to play. In addition, it features carved "claw" feet and elegant trim on the front doors. As a set, this package sold for around $100.00 new, making it a very expensive and prestigious home entertainment system at the time. The recent owner passed-away last spring, and we were able to buy-back some of his collection, so we can offer this rare set at a very reasonable price, given rarity and condition.  It shows slight signs of wear from the last 10 years of regular use, but is still in very presentable condition throughout.

This is a rare and exceptional combination. Try to find another outstanding Victor MS with base cabinet at this price, ready to go, and with a full warranty!
Note: since this set was originally found together, we will not break the phonograph or cabinet set up for individual sale.

You can find more on the Victor MS by clicking here.  As with all our phonographs, it comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.






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