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Victor III  Serial Number 13195 Type A Dark Oak with Spearpoint Horn 

Build Date:  Early 1910

Originality:   4   Excellent Older Restoration

Overall Condition:   3  Very nice condition throughout.

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The Victor III was a "mid-range" phonograph in the early Victor product lineup. It featured a 10-inch turntable, nickel-plated hardware, and an exceptional 2-spring motor. The case was made of quarter-sawn oak with corner columns.  An "Exhibition" soundbox was standard equipment, to provide added volume and fidelity. Selling new at a substantial base price of $40.00 (which equates to over $1,000 today), it was a very popular seller.  This machine has the optional Spearpoint Oak Horn, which is larger and more elegant than the standard brass horn, providing greater volume in a large room as well as a vastly more imposing appearance. The oak horn was a pricey option for this machine when new, and outstanding original horns like this one are highly prized by collectors today.

The vast majority of Victor III's were made with a "Golden Oak" finish, but this example was produced in the "Dark Oak" finish, which was offered after 1909 as an option to buyers who didn't care for the yellowish color of oak. The oak "tiger stripe" grain is still clearly visible, but this machine has a very distinctive shading that has a spectacular appearance.

This machine was very well restored many years ago (not by us), and retains it's correct original details, components and configuration. The horn appears to have undergone some minor repairs at some point in the past, but these are not obvious  It still retains the original Victor Decal. It shows only slight wear from usage, and runs like a champ. We have recently rebuilt all mechanical components.  This Victor III is a remarkable performer and will be the center of attention of any room.  Given the Spearpoint horn and dark oak finish, it is a rare and truly exceptional machine.

Please note that the pictures below, taken with flash, gives the machine a  slightly "dusty" appearance. This is not the way it appears in normal lighting.

You can find more on the Victor III by clicking here.  As with all our phonographs, it comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.




PRICE: $2650.00

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