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Victor III  with Standard Brass Horn Serial Number 9282  SOLD! Pittsburgh PA

Build Date:  Early 1907

Originality:   1   100% original except for turntable felt

Overall Condition:   4-  Unrestored and unpolished, 'as-found' attic-stored phonograph. Intended for those who prefer their antiques totally original, not polished or touched.

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The Victor III was a mid-range phonograph in the early Victor product lineup. It featured a 10-inch turntable, nickel-plated hardware, and an exceptional 2-spring motor. The case was made of quarter-sawn oak with corner columns.  An Exhibition soundbox was standard equipment, to provide added volume and fidelity.  Costing $40.00 new, this equates to about $1,000.00 in today's money. This machine has the standard brass horn, which was the base horn style that was provided with the machine when new.

The latest trend in the antique business is to "leave everything alone", which includes not polishing the hardware, no deep-cleaning of the cabinet, etc. This machine is intentionally left "as found" for those who prefer this type of appearance. We did clean-off the surface dust and dirt using a non-solvent solution, and all the mechanics are fully rebuilt. Everything else has been left alone, and the machine appears exactly "as found" from the owner's Pittsburgh townhome attic.

Don't mistake this for a pieced-together or non-functional phonograph! It is complete, historically correct in all ways, and has a great appearance.

The horn has a few small dings here and there, and some spots where the paint has been chipped. The original Victor decal is still in place on the horn, and in good shape. These horns usually get pretty beat-up being stored for years in attics and basements, but this one was a survivor. The original back-bracket has good visible pin striping. There is wear to the nickel plating, but is still very strong. The turntable felt was falling apart, so has been replaced; otherwise, this machine is exactly as purchased 109 years ago, and it sounds great!  It is a remarkable performer and will be the center of attention of any room.

NOTE: The correct original crank is included with the machine. It is not shown in the pictures below.

You can find more on the Victor III by clicking here.  As with all our phonographs, it comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.

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