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VV-XVII  Serial Number 1836 Red Mahogany 

Build Date: December, 1916

Originality:  3  Fully restored from a good original

Overall Condition:   2-  Outstanding muesum-level restoration. See notes below.

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The VV-XVII became Victor's "top line" non-custom phonograph when introduced in December, 1916. With their best 4-spring motor, exquisite hand carvings, "swell" (Bombe') front and side panels, gold plated hardware and ornate design, it was intended for very wealthy customers. Only 18,914 spring-wound versions were produced, along with only 2,535 electric powered copies. That may sound like a lot, but given that over 800,000 "XI" models were made, and quite a few other models had production runs well over the 500,000 mark, it gives an idea of how limited the selling market was for a high-end machine like this. It was far beyond the reach of the average buyer.  Due to the ornate cabinet, gold trim and premium components, it is understandable why these machines remain in high demand. Selling for a whopping $250.00 when new, that equates to over $5,200.00 in today's money!  Quite a chunk of change.


This machine is an early production example, made for the Christmas Season of 1916. It originally came out of an estate in Georgia, and we began a full museum restoration for a customer back in  the spring of 2012. Unfortunately, the gentleman ran into financial difficulties, and was unable to complete the restoration process, so we "shelved" it for a while to work on other machines. We pulled it back out of storage last summer, and finished-up the restoration. It has a fantastic, correct, high-gloss 8-coat hand-burnished finish, fully replated gold hardware, rebuilt motor and soundbox, and is simply a spectacular example. All the hand-carvings are perfect, and the entire machine is correct in every respect. As with all our restorations, the underlid area remains original to preserve the "Victrola" decal; however, as is often the case,  there is some minor visible wear to the original finish in that area. In addition, we did not make the usual "detail" repairs to the corner columns and small sections of the veneer, as we needed to get this Victrola out of the shop to begin other restoration work. These imperfections are extremely minor (tiny chips in a few places and a shallow "zing" mark along the bottom of one side, all of which have been blended-in with the new finish), and would absolutely not be noticed by any casual observer. We only mention these points to provide a very accurate description. We are pricing this Victrola to recover the remainder of our time and materials investment, as the original customer put down a sizeable deposit, but not enough to cover the total restoration. His loss can be your gain, as we only intend to recoup our costs. You could not possibly even begin a restoration of this caliber for our asking price, never mind trying to find a good original example to restore.  It performs flawlessly, and will be a spectacular show-piece in any home without any apologies.  It truly looks brand new. Given the low production volume, high collector interest and overall totally original condition, it is priced very fairly for today's market.  You can find more on the VV-XVII by clicking here.

 This would be well-suited in a large room, and would fit-in with a variety of decors. As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components have been torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt (by us). It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.


This machine is available for pick-up only near Poughkeepsie NY. Email us for details.




PRICE: $1600.00




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