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VV-VIII  Serial Number 117271 with Custom Base Cabinet  SOLD! Lansing MI

Build Date: Approximately December 1919

Originality:   4   Excellent Older Restoration

Overall Condition:   2-   Excellent showing minimal wear

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The VV-VIII was Victor's smallest tabletop model with a lid.  Closing the lid while playing reduces record noise and also keep the record/turntable area free of dust. Selling originally for $40.00, the VIII was a moderately popular phonograph. The Golden Oak Polished (GOP) finish with quarter-sawn veneer was the only choice offered on this model. While the VIII model is not considered rare, this is a very authentic and well-executed restoration that appears "like new". It is a strong performer, with a rebuilt 2-spring motor and No.2 Soundbox (which was a dealer-installed option on the smaller models), and it will fill almost any room with plenty of sound. This tabletop Victrola comes with an exceptionally nice base cabinet, specifically designed for the VV-VIII, and fits the phonograph perfectly. Victor dealers would have sold this cabinet as an aftermarket option for customers who wanted a smaller machine but also needed a place to store records. The storage shelves in the cabinet are intended to hold Victor record albums; we can provide the correct set of original albums if desired, at extra cost. The base cabinet has a beautiful longitudinal-cut grain, very unusual for an oak finish, but is quite striking in appearance. This would a great choice for an apartment or smaller home, where space is limited.

This is an older restoration, which was quite well executed, and it is still in truly exceptional condition throughout. The nickel hardware still gleams brightly. The machine is historically correct, just as it was delivered to the customer in 1919 from the selling dealer in Cedar Rapids Iowa. A great starter piece for the new collector or as an authentic conversation piece in any home.

As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components have recently been torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt. It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.

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