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Condition and Grading Overview


We are extremely critical and conservative graders of phonographs, and subsequently, our written descriptions and condtion "grades" can be relied on make a good purchasing decision. Besides the written descriptions, we grade each phonograph on two criteria, one being originality and the other condition. Our overarching goal has always been to maintain complete integrity in the hobby, which can only be achieved by a true and accurate representation of each phonograph.

Please note that we grade "originality" as a service to the collector community, as most collectors prefer the historical significance of original machines, while others who are new to the hobby, or simply intested in a nice showpiece for their home, prefer the fresh appearance of newly restored machines. While the value of totally original machines tends to be higher than for restored machines, all restored machines we sell are as historically authentic as possible. Condition grading refers to the cosmetic appearance of the phonograph.

We do not sell original or restored phonographs in poor, fair, or marginal condition, fakes, replicas, or phonographs that have been pieced together from different models. Our inventory represents some of the best examples in the country. Many machines that some online sellers or antique store dealers classify as "mint" or "outstanding" may not even qualify for sale from our business, as they would not measure-up to the calibre of phonographs we sell.

We also use a "+" and "-" designation when appropriate to indicate a small weighting factor in the overall grade, e.g. "2+" would imply a machine that is rated higher than "2" but less than "1".

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