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Catalog of Phonographs For Sale  Listing Update: January 1, 2020

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Please scroll down the entire page to see our online listings!


Please read the "How to Order" section regarding a purchase!  We are more than happy to provide references upon request.



Email us if you want high quality photographs sent to you. Simply click on "How to Order" (above) to reach us directly. 



We are now adding short YouTube videos of our machines for sale.  These clips are simply intended for quickly viewing the machines in operation.


Click on any picture below for a detailed description.



Gorgeous Victrola XVI Type E in Weathered Oak
Now includes YouTube video

Victrola VE-XVIII
Now includes YouTube video

Rare Victor MS with Large Flower Horn 
Now includes YouTube video

Beautiful 100% Original Victor V with Oak Spearpoint Horn

Victor V with Large Brass Horn 
Now includes YouTube video

Victrola XVI Type E in Golden Oak

Victrola XVI L-door
Now includes YouTube Video

Victrola XVI Type E Circassian Walnut 
Now includes YouTube video 

Victrola 8-12 Orthophonic

Spectacular Victrola VE-230 in American Walnut

Victor I with Brass Horn

Original Victrola XVIII 
Now includes YouTube Video