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Projects for Winter/Spring of 2014

Our restoration work has remained steady over the past year, with about 8 to 10 projects ongoing constantly. Here are a few of the active projects underway during the first part of 2014.


Clockwise rom top left: 1) A very rare VE 8-60 Electrola being detailed, one of the "transition" models designed to playback recordings using either electrical or acoustic technology  2) A VV-S-215 in the initial phases of teardown and stripping 3) An elegant VV-130, undergoing repairs to the corner carvings  4) A Victor 1 almost ready for assembly  5) A rare Pooley "automatic selection" record cabinet, which was an accessory sold by many Victor dealers 6) A VV-VI awaits finish coats  7) A completed muesum-level restoration on a VV-XI undergoes final adjustment with a strobe system to set turntable speed.