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Victor Sales Network: State of Ohio


Note: The listings below are for HISTORICAL VICTOR DEALERS from the early years of the 20th Century. They are not current phonograph retailers. Please see our Dealer Locator page for more information.

Some dealers may have multiple addresses shown; this can be due to having several branches or from having moved to a new location

Distributors are shown in RED. Many distributors also owned retail stores, so both retail and wholesale outlets may be covered under the same name, at the same (or different) addresses


Please help us by contributing to this site. If you know of an historical Victor Talking Machine dealer who is not shown in these listings (via a tag on your Victor phonograph, an old advertisement or other means), please email us at with the information. Also, if you live near one of these dealers, we would love to have some current pictures taken at the location (even if it is an empty lot!) to share with our readers.



City Dealer Name Address Links Map
Ada Ada Music House N. Main St. Exact Address Needed
Ada D.O. Betz Exact Address Needed
Akron George S. Dales 128 S. Main St Picture Map
Akron John Kratz Company 89 South Howard Street   Address No Longer Exists
Akron M. O'Neil Company 226 South Main Picture Map
Akron Sun Radio 110 East Market Street   Map
Akron Sun Radio 274 South Main Steet   Map
Akron Windsor-Polling Mill & Howard St. Picture Map
Ashtabula J.A. Bartholomew 135 Main St. Map
Ashtabula Mitchell Hardware Co. 4712 Main Ave Picture Map
Ashland F.M. Smith Music Store     Exact Address Needed
Barberton A.J. Heiman Exact Address Needed
Barberton F.J. Weigand 116 West Tusccarawas Avenue Street Numbering Changed
Bellaire J. W. Sellars     Exact Address Needed
Bellaire Mellot Company     Exact Address Needed
Bellefontaine C.S. Hockett Exact Address Needed
Bellevue Globe Music Co. Exact Address Needed
Bellevue W.A. Mason Exact Address Needed
Bowling Green Crane's Music Store 130 E. Wooster St. Map
Byron H.E. Deck Exact Address Needed
Canton D.W. Lerch (Lerch & Leonard) 210 Market Ave North Map
Canton George C. Wille 410 Market Ave N. Picture Map
Canton Klien & Heffelman 501 Market Avenue North Picture Map
Canton Louis Vitale 210 Market Ave N. Map
Canton Miller-McConnell Co. Exact Address Needed
Canton Wm. Zollinger & Co. 201 Market Avenue North Picture Map
Carrollton J.W. Helfrich Co. Exact Address Needed
Celina George E. Weber Exact Address Needed
Chillicothe M.G. Chandler Exact Address Needed
Cincinnati Aeolian Co. 122 E. Fourth St. Picture Map
Cincinnati Cable Piano Co Exact Address Needed
Cincinnati Chubb & Steinberg 17 E. 6th St. Picture Map
Cincinnati George P. Gross Pianos Woodward & Main St. Picture Map
Cincinnati Griffith Victor Distribution Co. Central Pkwy & Sycamore St. Map
Cincinnati J.E. Poorman Jr 31 West Fifth Street   Map
Cincinnati Kloak Bros & Co. Pearl & Elm St. Unable to Locate
Cincinnati Link's Record Shop   Picture Exact Address Needed
Cincinnati Mc Alpen's Music Rooms Exact Address Needed
Cincinnati Milner Musical Co. 25 W. 6th St Map
Cincinnati Ohio Talking Machine Co. 427 W. Fourth St. Picture Map
Cincinnati Otto Grau Piano Co. 222 W. Fourth St. Map
Cincinnati Pandorf's Music Shop 224 West Fourth Street   Map
Cincinnati Pandorf's Music Shop Grove Avenue   Exact Address Needed
Cincinnati Pandoy's Music Shop Exact Address Needed
Cincinnati Pogue's 4th and Race St Picture Map
Cincinnati Rudolph Wurlitzer 121 E. Fourth St. Picture Map
Cincinnati Werner Industries Company 717 Race St. Picture Map
Cincinnati Wideners 117 West Fourth St.   Map
Clemma J.L. Harr & Co. Exact Address Needed
Cleveland Aldrich Howey Co. 2121 E. Fourth St. Map
Cleveland Bailey Co. Ontario & Prospect St. Map
Cleveland Bieber Furniture Co. 3039 Woodland Ave Map
Cleveland Bing's 524 E. Prospect Ave. Map
Cleveland Bino's Furniture Co. 527 Prospect Ave Map
Cleveland Brooks Co. 1764 W. 35th St Map
Cleveland Buescher and Son 1125 Oregon Ave. Unable to Locate
Cleveland Buescher and Son 242 Erie St Map
Cleveland Buescher and Son 1774 E. 9th St. Map
Cleveland C.C. Lipstern's Lafayette Street   Exact Address Needed
Cleveland Caldwell Piano Co. East 9th St & Huron Picture Address no longer exists
Cleveland Cleveland Music House 5102 Euclid Ave Map
Cleveland Cleveland Piano Co. E. 55th St & Euclid Ave Map
Cleveland Cleveland Talking Machine Co. 4300 Euclid Ave Map
Cleveland Cleveland Talking Machine Co. 1217 Madison Ave. Map
Cleveland Clifton Furniture Co.  9811 Madison Ave Picture Map
Cleveland Coblitz Bros Woodland Ave Exact Address Needed
Cleveland Collister and Sayle 252 Superior Ave Picture Map
Cleveland Eclipse Musical Co. 714 Prospect Ave Picture Map
Cleveland Eclipse Musical Co. 20th & Euclid Ave. Map
Cleveland  Economy Drug Company 79th Street & Hough Street Picture Map
Cleveland Euclid Music Co. Coventry Road & Euclid Heights Blvd   Map
Cleveland Flesheim & Smith Ontario & Michigan Ave Address No Longer Exists
Cleveland G.C. Urban Co. Central Ave Exact Address Needed
Cleveland Gottchiner & Wicht Co. 2090 W. 20th St. Map
Cleveland H. Fryburg Exact Address Needed
Cleveland H.E. McMillin & Sons 2051 E. 9th St. Map
Cleveland Hallet & Davis Piano Co. The Arcade Map
Cleveland Henry Leopold Furniture Co. 234 Lorain Avenue   Address No Longer Exists
Cleveland Hueter Jewelry Co. 5372 St. Clair Ave Map
Cleveland Kit Carson 6601 Euclid Ave Map
Cleveland Knabe 1507 Euclid Ave Map
Cleveland Kolb Brothers Exact Address Needed
Cleveland L. Meier & Sons 4123 Clark Ave Picture Map
Cleveland L. Meier & Sons 4400 Clark Ave Picture Map
Cleveland Lipstreus Music Store E 55th St & Lexington Map
Cleveland Louis Havre 7428 Canton Ave SE Map
Cleveland M.O. Mattlin 5102 Euclid Ave Map
Cleveland May Company 158 Euclid Ave Map
Cleveland Mrs. M. Hartwell Exact Address Needed
Cleveland Nathan & Skall Ontario St. Exact Address Needed
Cleveland Ptak Music Co. 3729 E. 131st St   Map
Cleveland R. Dreher & Sons 1028 Euclid Ave Map
Cleveland Robins & Emerson The Arcade Map
Cleveland Robinson's Pharmacy 3001 Scovill Ave. Map
Cleveland S. Kohn & Sons 2406 Woodland Ave Map
Cleveland S. Kohn & Sons St. Clair Avenue Exact Address Needed
Cleveland Scott Bros Exact Address Needed
Cleveland Svehla's Music House 1872 W. 25th St Map
Cleveland Talking Machine Co. Prospect Ave. Exact Address Needed
Cleveland Thornton & Bros Exact Address Needed
Cleveland W.J. Roberts Huron Rd. Exact Address Needed
Cleveland William Taylor & Son 630 Euclid Ave PIcture Map
Cleveland Wurlitzer 1017 Euclid Ave   Map
Columbus Elite Music Store 211 S. High St. Map
Columbus F.R. Lazarus & Company 135 South High Street   Map
Columbus Goldsmith's Music Store 69 S. High St. Picture Map
Columbus Green-Joyce Co. High & Chestnut St Map
Columbus Heatons Music Store 168 N. High St. Map
Columbus Humes Music Co. Exact Address Needed
Columbus Morehouse-Martins 130 S. High St. Map
Columbus Perry B. Whitsit Co 80 Broad St. Picture Map
Columbus Perry B. Whitsit Co 213 S. High St. Picture Map
Columbus Perry B. Whitsit Co. 211 N. 5th St. Picture Map
Columbus Spence's Talking Machine Shop 67 E. State St. Map
Columbus Stewart Bros 447 N. High St. Picture Map
Columbus Z.L White Co. 102 N. High St. Map
Columbus Wurlitzer 50 East Gay Street   Map
Coshocton C.M. Hay Jewelry Co. 405 Main Street   Map
Dayton Aeolian Co. 131 E. Shield St Address No Longer Exists
Dayton Elders Main & Fourth Picture Map
Dayton Fetterly Piano Co. 14 East Fifth Map
Dayton Hamilton 1st and Main St Map
Dayton Peoples Music Store 180 East Fifth Street Map
Dayton Rike-Kumler Company Second & Main Streets   Map
Dayton Soward Music Company 40 North Main Street   Map
Dayton Soward-Anderson 19 E. Fourth St Picture Map
Dayton Wurlitzer 133 S. Ludlow Picture Map
Delaware Sells Brothers Picture Exact Address Needed
Dennison George S. McCaw Exact Address Needed
Dresden John H. Miller & Sons     Exact Address Needed
East Liverpool Lewis Bros. & Co. Exact Address Needed
Elyria Days Music Store     Exact Address Needed
Elyria Herbert Day & Sons Exact Address Needed
Elyria W.E. Shay Masonic Temple Buliding   Exact Address Needed
Findlay B.S. Porter & Sons 513 S. Main St Map
Findlay B.S. Porter & Sons 333 South Main St.   Map
Findlay C.F. Jackson & Co. Map
Fostoria Spratt Brothers Music Co. 218 South Main Street Picture Map
Freemont H.G. Fisher Dillon Block Exact Address Needed
Greenfield Greenfield Piano Co 243 E. Jefferson St Map
Greenville O.E. Westerfield Picture Exact Address Needed
Hamilton Ferd Imfeld Music Store 3 High Street (1908-1913) Picture Map
Hamilton Ferd Imfeld Music Store 24 South Third Street (1913-1915)   Map
Hamilton Ferd Imfeld Music Store 10 Third Street (1915-1931)   Map
Hamilton Wurlitzer 119 S. Second St. Picture Map
Hillsboro Duncanson Bros Exact Address Needed
Ironton Wurlitzer 110 North Second St.   Map
Kent F.W. Torry Picture Exact Address Needed
Kent Quality Radio Company 171 East Main Street   Map
Kenton Albert Fink Music Co. 23 N. Detroit St Map
Kenton Gilmore's Jewelry Store Exact Address Needed
Lakewood Lakewood Music Co. 11794 Detroit Ave Picture Map
Lancaster J.C. Welton & Co. 737 N. Broad St. Map
Lima B.S Porter & Sons 143 South Main Street Map
Lima Harman's Furniture Market & Elizabeth St. Picture Map
Lima J.W. Rowlands 204 N. Main St Map
Lima The John's Music Co. 136 W. High St Map
Lisbon Lisbon's Music Store Picture Exact Address Needed
Liverpool Lewis Brothers Exact Address Needed
Londonville Raymer Damer Exact Address Needed
Lorain Reichlin-Reidy-Scanlan Company Broadyway & 21st St Map
Lorain Wickens Co. Exact Address Needed
Mansfield W.E. Jones Music House 50-52 Park Ave. W. Picture Map
Mansfield Zitzer's Music Store 41 East Fourth St Picture Map
Mansfield Zitzer's Music Store 162 North Main St.   Map
Marietta C.G. Wiant Exact Address Needed
Marietta Marietta Phonograph Company 153 Front Street Picture Map
Marietta Wainwright Music Co. 342 Front St. Map
Marion C.G. Wiant 127 Center St. Map
Marion Henry Ackerman 148 S. Main St Picture Map
Martin's Ferry W.L. Noble Company     Exact Addres Needed
Maryville Holycross Music Store 113 West Fifth Street   Map
Massillon C.J. Duncan 24 Lincoln Way Picture Map
Maysville C.J. Murphy Exact Address Needed
MCConnelsville Morris Hardware Co. 50 E. Main St. Picture Map
Middletown Aeolian Co. 220 S. Main St Map
Middletown I. Imfeld 111 W. Third St. Unable to Locate
Middletown McFarland Music Company     Exact Address Needed
Middletown Wurlitzer Piano Store 137 East Third Street Unable to Locate
Minerva Meyers Music House Exact Address Needed
Mt. Gilead Phillips & Son Furniture     Exact Address Needed
Mt. Vernon Frank L. Young 11 S. Main St. Picture Map
Mt. Vernon Mardis Music Store 108 S. Main St Map
Napoleon W.G. McClure 125 W. Washington St Map
Nelsonville Gem Pharmacy Co. Picture Exact Address Needed
Newark Ball-Fintze Co. Exact Address Needed
Newark John J. Carroll 60 N. Third St. Map
Niles Kennedy & Ferguson Exact Address Needed
Norwalk C.N. Frazier 26 E. Main St. Map
Norwalk Norwalk Piano Co. Main St Exact Address Needed
Oak Harbor The Bauch Co. Exact Address Needed
Piqua Wurlitzer 417 North Main St   Map
Ravena Carnahan Music Co. 236 W. Main St. Picture Map
Sandusky Schener-Frankel Co.     Exact Address Needed
Sidney Meyerholtz Music Store Exact Address Needed
Sidney Sarver's Music Store 306 South Ohio Ave Map
Springfield Earle K. Hawkin Picture Exact Address Needed
Springfield Wurlitzer 133 South Limestone St.   Map
St. Marys B.S. Porter & Sons     Exact Address Needed
Steubenville C.A. House 163 S. Fourth St Map
Steubenville George W. Robinson 141 North Fourth Street Map
Sylvania Wagonlander & Sons Exact Address Needed
Tiffin C.J. Schmidt Piano Co. Exact Address Needed
Toldeo Whitney, Blaine, Wildermuth Co. 703 Adams St. Map
Toledo Grinnell Brothers 329 Superior St Map
Toledo Grinnell Brothers St. Clair & Jefferson St. Map
Toledo Grinnell Brothers 603 Adams St.   Map
Toledo Guckert Music Co. 520 Madison Ave Map
Toledo J.W.Greene 801 Jefferson Ave Picture Map
Toledo Lasalle & Koch 513 Adams St. Map
Toledo Lion Department Store Adams & St. Clair St Picture Map
Toledo Lyon's Dry Goods Picture Exact Address Needed
Toledo The Hayes Music Co. 608 Cherry St Map
Toledo Toledo Talking Machine Co. 121 St. Clair St. Map
Toledo W.V. Rymers 7549 Western Ave Map
Toledo Whitney and Currier Adams & Huron St. Picture Map
Toledo Whitney and Currier 425 Superior St. Map
Toledo United Music Store     Exact Address Needed
Van Wert The Sidle Co. 117 W. Main St. Map
Versailles J.D. Speelman     Exact Address Needed
Wadsworth Curry Company     Exact Address Needed
Wapakoneta C.A. CaJacob Jewelery Exact Address Needed
Warren Hall's Music Store Picture Exact Address Needed
Warren Yahrling-Rayner Piano Co. 15 South Park Avenue   Map
Willard Fink Company     Exact Addres Needed
Worthington H. Leasure Drug Co. 693 High St. Map
Xenia R.D. Adair Exact Address Needed
Youngstown Scott & Jones Exact Address Needed
Youngstown Yahrling-Rayner Piano Co. 254 W. Federal St. Map
Zanesville Chas. A Williams & Son     Exact Address Needed

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