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VV-XVI  Serial Number 52322 Type D Mahogany Finish

Build Date: January, 1912

Originality:   4   "Reamalgamated" original finish (see description)

Overall Condition:   4   Older restoration. Shows some wear but very presentable

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See it in action on YouTube. Click here.

The VV-XVI was Victor's "Flagship" Victrola model, large in size and impressive in design. With Victor's best 4-spring motor, gold-plated trim and hand-carved corner posts, these machines are imposing, and can dominate a good-sized room. The earlier versions of this model had a much greater level of hand craftsmanship and carving details, were made in lower production volumes, and are thus more valued by collectors today. This is an early "L-door" model which came to us from an estate sale in Florida many years ago.  This machine has a "amalgamated" original finish. Reamalgamation was a popular restoration process back in the 1980's and 1990's, wherein the original varnish was carefully softened using a solvent, and "smoothed-out" to restore the original luster, and color, as well as to remove any surface crazing due to age. This process maintains the original finish materials, and does not require "stripping" the machine down to bare wood.  This restoration technique, while still used on occasion, has fallen out of favor due to the amount of time required to do a decent job, as well as the fact that it is very easy to cut-through the original varnish and down to bare wood unless great care is used. This was a well-done reamalamagation from around 1990, but it shows some wear from 25+ years of use since it was restored. The right side has a section of mild discoloration (see pictures below), probably due to having been rubbed against something in the past. It retains much of its original shine, and does not have the overly-glossy lacquered appearance that is frequently seen on many older restorations. (varnish was used on these machines when new, which was moderately glossy, but not "mirror-like"). The original gold hardware is in good condition, and the machine is complete and absolutely correct. It shows well, and runs great. This would be a great starter machine for someone who wants a nice-looking and uncommon early Victrola, without spending a lot of money. We have priced this Victrola very affordably, especially true since all of the mechanics have been fully rebuilt and are guaranteed. It will blend-in with virtually any room decor.  You can find more on the XVI by clicking here.


This would be well-suited in a large room. As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components have been torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt (by us). It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.



PRICE: $595.00


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