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Victor 0  Serial Number 1324 Type A  

Build Date:  September, 1908

Originality:   1-  100% original except for turntable felt.

Overall Condition:   3-  Shows moderate wear, but is complete and working

(See the Ratings/Condition page for our grading scales)


The Victor 0 was introduced in 1908 as the lowest-priced "starter model" phonograph in the product lineup. Selling new for just $17.50 (which equates to about $460.00 today), it was the most basic and lowest-cost phonograph you could buy from Victor at that time. It used a simple single spring motor, a very elemental red-stained base cabinet, a special "mustard" colored horn and a unique soundbox.  Factory records indicate that about 50,000 of these were produced, which was a relatively low volume; however it is easy to understand why so few were sold.  For just a few dollars more, you could buy a Victor I with a nicer cabinet, larger horn, and better sound reproduction, so most people decided to step-up and choose the better model; as a result, Victor I's sold at more than twice the rate as the Victor 0. Most Victor 0 machines were given as Christmas gifts to children or young adults, and as a result, very few have survived. The Victor-Victrola survival database reveals that the Victor 0 is one of the scarcest external horn models to be found today. Most were trashed by the young owners, or were tossed out as being a "toy" when they became obsolete. This example is in exceptional original condition. Not many come available, but most Victor 0's that we find are missing the original horn (due to the small neck, no other Victor horn is interchangeable with this model), or have a missing correct soundbox.  This is one of the nicest untouched Victor O's we have sold. The color on the horn is still strong, and the original decal is in-place.  The cabinet still has some of its original shine, and is in surprisingly good condition. The original soundbox is similar to the standard "Exhibition" model, but has a metal collar covering most of the front, presumably to prevent small fingers from crushing the delicate mica diaphragm. Original Victor 0 Soundboxes are extremely hard to come by, as they are unique to this model, and few have survived. The hardware is all correct with original nickel plate, but shows some surface wear. The original turntable felt was supplied in a mustard color, to match the horn; this felt was replaced many years ago, and has faded somewhat, but is still in good condition. This machine has a single-spring motor, which must be wound after every record is played. These very basic early phonographs do not provide the best sound quality,  but this machine does work well and plays loudly; it is surprising in audio performance considering the rather crude and basic components. Consequently, this phonograph is not recommended for the buyer who wants to continuously play records for serious listening. However, it is very well suited for the occasional user who wishes to use it to show and demonstrate the performance of early phonographs via an authentic and very uncommon original machine that is nice original condition.  Plus, the small size is perfect for an end-table, the top of a piano, or on a shelf.  If you are looking for a rare original external-horn phonograph that does not take-up a lot of space, this would be an outstanding choice. This is a great collector's item, and will show well in any home. Both the motor and soundbox have been completely rebuilt. It is priced commensurately with rarity and condition.

You can find more on the Victor 0 by clicking here.  As with all our phonographs, it comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.



PRICE: $1795.00



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