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Brunswick Panatrope 3XRQ Combination Radio-Phonograph

Build Date:  1927

Originality:   1  Totally original (unrestored) cabinet, hardware and finish.

Overall Condition:  3-  Very nice original finish, some wear on legs

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This is a very unusual offering from Victor-Victrola. As a policy, we only repair, restore and sell products made by the Victor Talking Machine Company. However, we received this machine on a trade-in a few years ago, and it was so nice that we opted to keep it, as it was just too good to wholesale-out at auction. So we decided to get it working, and use it as a "demo" model for friends and customers to hear authentic reproduction of 1920's electrical recordings.  Two years later, it is up for sale. This machine was made by the Brunswick-Callendar Corporation in the late 1920's, and is typical of the fine craftsmanship of that company. Brunswick was a tough and worthy competitor for Victor, and they made some very respectable equipment, with ornate cabinet designs.

This Brunswick has been electronically restored, meaning that the tubes and capacitors have been replaced, all parts tested and cleaned, and some wiring replaced. Everything is fully checked-out. The only modifications made were to assure electrical safety (e.g. modern power cord, upgraded switches and a few other changes that are intended to reduce the risk for overheating or short-circuits). It plays quite well. The radio has great reception (note that an external antenna and ground connection is required on these early sets), and the phonograph works very well. It has the classic "late 20's" tube sound quality, and it will play early electrical recordings as they were intended to be heard. No restoration of the cabinet, metal hardware or other trim has been done, meaning it is 100% original as found. The gorgeous and well-figured walnut finish is in exceptional condition; no damage on the top of the lid or elsewhere on the cabinet. The ornate legs have some of the usual finish wear and dings from having been bumped by vacuum cleaners and other equipment over the years. However, it will show wonderfully, and is a very impressive piece of furniture. It even has the original inspection certificate that came with it when new. The cost of electrical restoration nearly exceeded our selling price; however, as stated above, we are not sellers of Brunswick equipment, and need to get this item moved out of our shop. We have priced this far below cost to make room for new inventory.

Please note that electrically-amplified machines which were not made by the Victor Talking Machine Company come with a 90-day parts-only warranty. While we have done everything possible to assure reliable and safe performance, we can't warrant long-term failures of tubes, transformers and other items that are subject to deterioration or damage due to bumps, shocks and power surges. Labor costs for repairs are not covered. This limited warranty supersedes our usual 2 year warranty applied to Victor-made equipment.



Price $750.00


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