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VV-XVI  Serial Number 135862 Type H Golden Oak Waxed Finish

Build Date:  September, 1916

Originality:   1  Totally original finish and hardware, including turntable felt

Overall Condition:   3  Really nice original.

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The VV-XVI was Victor's "Flagship" Victrola model, large in size and impressive in design. With Victor's best 4-spring motor, gold plated trim and hand-carved corner posts, these machines are imposing, and can dominate a good-sized room. Nearly 200,000 XVI's were made during the long model run from 1906 through 1921, so it is not considered a rare model unless it has an unusual finish.  Type "H" versions of this model, produced in the mid-'teens, have quite a bit of detailed carvings and very heavy lids and doors.  The vast majority of these machines were produced in mahogany, with oak running a distant second.  Of the oak finishes, Golden Oak Polished (GOP) was the most common, with a glossy varnish surface.  This machine has the far less common Golden Oak Waxed (GOW) finish, which has a flat, non-glossy look, with highly contrasting "tiger stripe" grain. When produced, coatings of wax were applied rather than the usual varnish. This machine was certainly well cared-for all its life, as it shows virtually no wear or damage.  The only indicator of use is some wear on the gold-plated tonearm and hardware, and some small discoloration spots on the side of the cabinet, but this XVI would easily rank (condition-wise) in the top 10% of machines that we find.  Even the turntable felt is original with the machine, which indicates that a 10" record was left on the turntable for many years, allowing the outer diameter to fade somewhat. We will replace this with new felt if the buyer requests an update, but given that the felt is still in great shape, we have chosen to leave it as found. The hand carvings are perfect, and the machine is completely correct, down to each screw and washer.  The top of the lid is outstanding, with none of the usual gouges and water marks. It shows only slight signs of wear. This represents an opportunity for someone who wants an authentic and exceptionally original oak Victrola.  It is really unusual to find one of these high-end machines in totally original and excellent condition. No disappointments with this Victrola!


This would be well-suited in a large room, and would fit-in with a variety of decors. As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components are torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt (by us). It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.






PRICE: $750.00


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