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VV-XIV  Serial Number 99953 Type E   Weathered Oak

Build Date: July 1916

Originality:   1   Totally original in all respects

Overall Condition:   2   Amazing original finish and hardware. Shows only the slightest signs of wear.

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The VV-XIV was one step down in the product lineup from the Victor flagship model, the VV-XVI. This is a "Type E" machine with the earlier classic-style, appearing as a slightly smaller version of the XVI cabinet design, and it is an imposing piece of furniture.  Selling new for the lofty sum of $150.00 (equivalent to $3,600 today), it offered full-size performance in a slightly smaller package. This is an "as-found" machine from the Chicago area. All we did was clean the cabinet and rebuild the motor and soundbox. The finish, plating, and mechanics are 100% original, and everything is authentic and correct. Of high importance, this machine was produced in a "Weathered Oak" finish, which was not a very popular option when new.  While XIV models are very commonly found, the vast majority were produced in a mahogany finish, with a far lesser amount being made in Golden Oak. Mahogany XIV's are sold all over the place, and don't bring a lot of money in today's market. However, the dark and rich Weathered Oak finish (which has a flat appearance, not glossy) on this example makes for a very desirable, uncommon and impressive piece of furniture. it is very hard to find any model in this finish in such spectacular condition. It is an honest surviving original from top to bottom, with the exception of new felt on the turntable (the original felt was on there when we bought it, but it had dried up into a virtual layer of dust). Don't confuse this example with what you may find on EBay or elsewhere; this will blow-away any other XIV we have ever come across, in any finish. It looks like it just came from the dealer.  The only nit-picks that can be noted are a couple of very light surface zings on the top of the lid (hard to see except in very bright light), and a little wear on the nickel plated hardware. Other than that, this is truly a mind-blowing original, in a rare and desirable finish.   The 3-spring motor runs perfectly, and performance is outstanding. The hand-carved "wings" on the front-sides are ding-free and perfect. You can find more on the XIV by clicking here.


This would be an outstanding selection for anyone who wants a totally original, collectable and impressive phonograph in their home, and will provide years of reliable service. If originality is important to you, this is about as original as they come. As with all our phonographs, the motor, soundbox and all mechanical components have been torn down, cleaned and correctly rebuilt. It comes with our 2 year unconditional performance warranty.


  PRICE: $1250.00



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